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Coach David Evans

David is committed to his athletes.  His vision for Cage Capture is to be sure his players will take the progress that each lesson offers with them after every lesson.
The environment in his cage is completely different than the typical batting cage. 
Immediately you will notice the high-end digital video equipment feeding live replays to 45" flat screen plasma televisions.  The 1000 frame per second feed allows every pitch and swing to be analyzed just like they are at the professional level. 
Then, the best feeds are loaded to a private web area for each athlete to review on this website.  This system opens the door for creating breakthroughs in record time with his athletes.

He wants to be sure the player is taking their lessons to the diamond and not leaving them in the batting cage.

That's why he invested in the state of the art training system he calls Cage Capture™. 

This is David's unique application of digital video, world-renown Dartfish Software, and a custom web software package that captures and integrates every lesson into a personalized training environment.

Every lesson begins with the premise of capturing opportunities for improvement through the use of digitally recorded video footage during the lesson. 

This is very valuable because the player is not forced to study every moment of the workout-rather they will be completely focused on the critical changes that Coach Evans wants the player to incorporate. 

Positive and lasting change is the objective here.  And it will be accomplished every time you experience Cage Capture™.   

David Evans is Director of Training and Instruction at Baseball USA in Houston, Texas. Coach Evans was the 1989 Jr College Player of the Year as a pitcher for Wayne Graham's San Jacinto Gators team that won the 1989 Jr College National Championship and still holds many of the pitching records at San Jacinto Jr College. He was a 3rd round draft pick of the Seattle Mariners and spent 14 years in professional baseball with the Mariners, Astros, Diamondbacks, Pirates and Orioles organizations. David played his high school baseball at Katy High School Coach Evans can be contacted for instruction by email at Devans30@hotmail.com.

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